Tallahassee Greek Food Festival

Tallahassee Greek Food Festival

A two day Festival offering all things culturally Greek - Food, Live Music, Greek Dancing and Parea (the art of Greek Gathering)

Start Date

Oct. 15, 2021

End Date

Oct. 16, 2021


10:00 am


Holy Mother of God Greek Orthodox Church
1645 Phillips Rd.
Tallahassee Florida 32308


Free Admission

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Tallahassee’s Greek Food Festival has a variety of homemade dishes, many of which are derived from the old family recipes of the parishioners of our church. Food is prepared by volunteers nearly every weekend leading up to the festival.

Enjoy small plates of mezze, pastichio, or mousaka at the ala carte booth. Enjoy hot gyros and souvlaki. Savor the sweet honey syrup in so many Greek pastries including our homemade baklava. Wash it down with Greek wine, beer, or a glass of ouzo.

Whether you want a fun night with friends, a new kind of date night, or just a relaxed evening with family, the Tallahassee Greek Food Festival has something for everyone.

After you’ve eaten your weight in baklava and gyros, the best way to burn off those calories is to dance it off!

Greeks love dancing as much as they love food. Greece has a rich tradition of village feasts (called a paniyiri). These feasts bring together the young and old, connected by generations of families, brought together by delicious food and plenty of dancing.

This year’s entertainment line-up features performances by our Greek dancers and a traditional Greek band. Join us in dancing some of the oldest dance traditions – from the Kalamatianos to the famous Zorba.


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