10 Historic Spots to Visit in the Bicentennial Year

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Celebrating 200 Years of Tallahassee

Celebrating two centuries of history, Tallahassee’s Bicentennial year is an open invitation to explore its most significant landmarks. This guide highlights 10 must-visit historically significant attractions, each offering a window into the past. Whether you’re a history buff or a curious traveler, these destinations provide a captivating glimpse into the soul of Tallahassee’s historical charm. Download the Visit Tallahassee Mobile App and add this historical tour itinerary for your next getaway.

The Grove Museum

The Grove Museum in Tallahassee, a prominent historical site, represents one of Florida’s most meticulously preserved antebellum homes. Built in the 1830s by enslaved people, the museum offers a profound insight into slavery and the Civil Rights Movement in Florida. Visitors can explore civil rights and women’s history through guided tours and virtual experiences, including nature walks.

Hayward House Bistro

This charming bistro, set in a historic building in the shadow of the Capital, offers an exquisite culinary experience. It blends traditional Southern flavors with contemporary flair – a unique mix of fresh ingredients, modern tastes, and cherished memories. The space might ring a bell; it was once ‘Andrew’s.’ They’ve reimagined it, blending its historic charm with a modern twist, ensuring the essence of its past still resonates.

Amicus Brewing Ventures

A modern brewery with a nod to local history, Amicus Brewing Ventures offers a unique selection of craft beers. Amicus is located in a 1904 building that was the city’s inaugural water facility and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979. This women-owned establishment features a family-friendly taproom and beer garden. It’s a perfect spot to appreciate Tallahassee’s burgeoning craft beer scene.

Mission San Luis

Mission San Luis transports visitors back to the 17th century. Experience history like never before at Florida’s only reconstructed Spanish mission. Witness the past unfold through vibrant living history reenactments, interactive exhibits, and accurate recreations of period buildings. The site, once a bustling hub for Spanish and Apalachee Indian residents, features the Southeast’s largest historic Indian council house.

Mission San Luis Council House Tallahassee

The Edison

The Edison combines historical architecture with innovative cuisine. Located in a beautifully restored building downtown, The Edison offers a menu that’s a tribute to Florida’s rich culinary diversity, set against the stunning backdrop of the award-winning Cascades Park, ensuring a distinctive and memorable dining experience.

Tallahassee Museum

This outdoor museum is a fusion of nature, history, and wildlife. It offers an engaging way to explore Florida’s natural environment and cultural heritage. The Tallahassee Museum spreads across 52 acres. Visitors can explore living exhibits of native wildlife, nature trails, and historic buildings that recreate 19th-century life. It features the exhilarating Tallahassee Tree to Tree Adventures zip line and aerial course, providing a diverse and engaging experience for all ages.

tallahassee museum

Florida Historic Capitol Museum

The Florida Historic Capitol, meticulously restored to its 1902 splendor, stands as a striking symbol in the Capitol Complex with its stained-glass dome and distinctive awnings. This iconic building is a treasure trove of Florida’s political history, featuring exhibits, the original House and Senate Chambers, Supreme Court, and Governor’s suite, offering a captivating journey through the state’s legislative evolution. Its interactive exhibits make learning about the past both informative and enjoyable.

Bar 1903

Situated in the historic Walker Library, Bar 1903 masterfully blends mixology heritage with innovative cocktail experiences. Amidst modern downtown, the bar’s century-old setting adds a touch of history. Its cocktail menu covers an impressive 160 years, complemented by a broad selection of spirits, and should you get hungry, offers small plates and cheese boards. It’s a cozy spot to enjoy classic cocktails amidst an ambiance filled with nostalgia.

Bradley’s Country Store

Steeped in tradition, this family-owned store offers a glimpse into old Florida. A fixture on the National Register of Historic Places, it has been a staple at its original location since 1927. Renowned for its on-site production of homemade sausage and country-milled grits, it epitomizes traditional culinary craftsmanship. This store continues to be a beloved landmark for locals and visitors.

family at bradleys

Goodwood Museum & Gardens

The historic home, once a 1,600-acre cotton plantation, is now a museum recognized on the National Register of Historic Places, nestled within a 20-acre landscape of ancient live oaks and gardens. This site boasts 20 structures that span from 1835 to 1925, alongside the main house which is adorned with the original family’s furnishings, art, and an array of period glassware, textiles, and porcelain.

Our guide to Tallahassee’s top 10 historical sites offers a unique journey through time, showcasing the landmarks that have shaped this vibrant capital city. From the Grove Museum’s antebellum charm to Amicus Brewing Ventures’s innovative spirit, each site tells a part of Tallahassee’s compelling story. Experience the legacy of Tallahassee firsthand, and book your stay today!



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