Tallahassee’s Pinky The Flamingo

By Visit Tallahassee

Flamingo’s are not an ordinary sight in Tallahassee. In fact, spotting the long necked, pink bird balancing on one foot along the Stoney Bayou Pools at the St. Marks Wildlife Refuge and Lighthouse is in fact EXTRAordinary. Pinky, as the bird has become known to locals, is one of a kind at the Refuge, finding the area after being blown off course and away from the flock via Hurricane Michael in 2018.

Since then, Pinky has made a home here among the alligators, anhinga, egret, turtles and other wildlife that are native to the area. Each summer since June 2019, Pinky has left to parts unknown, but returns each fall and stays through the winter months just like our other snowbirds. St. Marks Wildlife Refuge is a renowned birder’s paradise and wintering home for migratory birds, where each year at varying times, over 250 species of bird find their way to the area.

Tallahassee lies in one of the most biologically diverse regions of the United States, making it a perfect destination to see incredible birds and wildlife. Whether you prefer a leisurely hike in a local park or an off-the-beaten-path adventure, there is abundant wildlife to see almost everywhere you look. Check out our list of birds to be on the lookout for in the Capital region. 

For more information about Birding in the Big Bend region visit these resources.


Pinky the flamingo standing in the river with a flock of commorants     Pinky standing tall and proud in the marshes of the St. Marks river among a flock of cormorants as captured by @dorwageld.


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