Paddle, Pedal or Stroll Through Paradise

By Visit Tallahassee

Tallahassee outdoor adventure brings thrills that some miss when they confine themselves to the hallways of the Capitol, a university classroom, a stadium seat or meeting room. Urban locations offer plenty of opportunities to dine, shop and enjoy, but there’s another side of Tallahassee that enriches, inspires and excites in other ways.

Over 700 miles of trails wind their way through and around Tallahassee, bringing thousands who enjoy exploring the great outdoors on foot, bike, boat or horseback to Florida’s capital city. And the sights you’ll see along them are as varied as the trails themselves.

On black water rivers, peaceful manatees slowly bob along while colorful, and sometimes rare, birds fly overhead. Atop rugged mountain bike trails, towering live oaks stand guard over the squirrels, deer and foxes that live in their shadows. And along multi-use trails where hikers, cyclists and riders on horseback share the way, wide-open terrain winds its way around sinkholes, springs and breathtaking forest prairies blooming with wildflowers.

Bring your gear, or just bring yourselves. Explore all that Tallahassee offers the nature lover hiding within us all here.


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