Mickee Faust Club at Railroad Square

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A Unique Theater Experience

Mickee Faust Club at Railroad Square

Located in the vibrant Railroad Square Art District in an eclectically painted warehouse is the famed Mickee Faust Club, an arts/activist Community Theater for all of Tallahassee—chief among those are people with disabilities, LGBTQ+, Seniors, and those in reduced economic circumstance.

The name Mickee Faust is a riff on a certain familiar mouse living in Orlando and Goethe’s good German doctor whose struggles with the devil mirror the group’s own. The Club is led by Mickee Faust itself, a foul-mouthed, cigar-comping, gender-fluid, sewer rat, who, in real life, is a deaf, lesbian performance artist.

For decades, Faust has provided the people of Tallahassee with a nontraditional performance venue shaped by the Ethic of Accommodation, an ethic which allows those who are not just under served but overlooked to develop their own artistic voices. Throughout the year, novices and professionals work side-by-side in free, on-going workshops to create original cabarets, theater, radio, video as well as protest and celebratory events. Together the members of the Club promote the presence of their alternative creative voice locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

For a listing of upcoming shows, CLICK HERE.

Mickee Faust Theater Tallahassee

Mickee Faust Theater Tallahassee

“See you in the Sewer!”  – Mickee Faust



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