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Licensing and Permissions Agreement

We love Tallahassee as much as you do, and we’d like to share your media!

By replying “yes” to requests to share your media via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you hereby agree to grant Visit Tallahassee and their authorized subsidiaries, agents and affiliates, the, rights to use, reproduce, distribute, and convey your image/photograph/video in any format or medium, now known or subsequently developed within the social media sphere. If Visit Tallahassee wishes to use an image in a non-social forum, additional contact will be made to address where, when, and how the image will be used, and to obtain further rights and licensing agreements. This permission is to be interpreted broadly in any and all disputes.

Visit Tallahassee and their authorized subsidiaries, agents and affiliates will not sell digital or print copies of your media.

Contact Information

This website and associated online properties and services are provided by The Zimmerman Agency (a contractor of Leon County/Visit Tallahassee), located in Tallahassee, Florida. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@visittallahassee.com.


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