The Cascade Experience

By Kenneth B. Frame

The Cascade Experience

a poem by Kenneth B. Frame

Welcome to Cascades Park, the experience of your life

Here in this marvelous place is where dreams come alive.

A 24-acre classroom that will open your eyes,

Its attention to detail and fabulous taste

Touches the soul of this remarkable State.

For the love in this place can’t be beat.

You see the pond that sits in the middle of this place,

Is surely to take your breath away

As nature moves and birds fly across our beautiful Tallahassee Skies

An All-America City that’s full of pride

A gateway of excellence with you in mind

And see the beauty of the footprints of life.

For this road runs from side to side

And captures the beauty of every life.

So, take your shoes off and relax your feet,

And have a nice cool glass of sweet, iced tea.

And enjoy the music of our heartbeat.

And enjoy our restaurants and its fine cuisine.

For your happiness in life is everything to us

So, you can be blessed by our Tallahassee love.

As this park flows with historical grace

To show the whole world the beauty of this place

So please have a slice of our Southern taste.

So, when you get ready to go back home,

Please take a photo of our Cascades Park Poem

Kenneth B. Frame
Parking Ambassador


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