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Public Art is Everywhere in Tallahassee

This self-guided tour promotes a healthy lifestyle and offers residents and visitors the opportunity to experience and appreciate Tallahassee’s outdoor public art. Whether you like fun and funky, or historic and thought provoking, outdoor art abounds in Tallahassee.

Railroad Square

Long known for its colorful warehouses that house art studios, eclectic shops, Railroad Square Art District is a great place to get some fresh air and enjoy some of Tallahassee’s best mural art.

Railroad Square Mural

Railroad Square Art District Mural

Railroad Square Art District Mural by Kenny Maguire gives visitors a sense of the vibe of Railroad Square arts district.

Nan Boynton (Founder, Railroad Square)

Nan Boynton by briteso (Matthew Forrest) and painted in 2021. Located at Fat Cat Books.


Machine/ Bert Kreischer (Stand Up  Comedian, FSU Grad)

Bert Kreischer by briteso (Matthew Forrest). Painted in 2021 and located at The Iron Vault. Part of the artist’s Desperados series featuring notable people who have lived in Tallahassee.


Mickee Faust (Terry Galloway, The Anti Mickey Mouse)

Mickee Faust by briteso (Matthew Forrest). Painted in 2022 and located at Mickee Faust Club. Part of the artist’s Desperados series featuring notable people who have lived in Tallahassee.



King Love (Personality, Staple of Downtown Tallahassee in the 90s)

King Love by briteso (Matthew Forrest). Painted in 2022 and located at Hairfolx Barbershop. Part of the artist’s Desperados series featuring notable people who have lived in Tallahassee.


Spaceman (3D mural in collaboration with Cat Family Records)

Spaceman by briteso (Matthew Forrest). Painted in 2020.



Light My Fire/ Jim Morrison (Musician, Lead Singer of The Doors)

Jim Morrison by briteso (Matthew Forrest). Located at Lake of Fire Bookstore.


Art Moves Mural

Art Moves Mural

Art Moves Mural by Linda Hall and students of SAIL High School was painted in 2003 and is sure to “move” all that see this massive mural.


Dumpster Lords Mural

Dumpster Lords Murals

Dumpster Lords Murals by Robbie Goethe, Cosby Hayes and Matt Shanaghan, is the perfect background for a colorful selfie. Share your pics with #iHeartTally!


Gaines Street

Connecting Downtown Tallahassee to the campus of Florida State University, Gaines Street is home to dozens of murals, including:

Black Lives Matter

The ‘Black Lives Matter’ mural painted on the intersection of Railroad Avenue and Gaines Street was painted as an expression of the Tallahassee’s continued support of diversity and equality in the community.


All Saints Cafe

All Saints Café Mural

All Saints Café Mural by Cosby Hayes, is a beautiful mural on the side of the legendary All Saints Café. Grab a coffee, tea or some delicious vegetarian fare to go.


Napoletano Mural

Napoletano Mural, commissioned by Nick Napoletano and Sydney Duarte is one the area’s newest and most colorful pieces.


Iron Daisy

Iron Daisy Murals

Iron Daisy Murals by Cosby Hayes and Matt Shanaghan are southwest-inspired murals located at the Iron Daisy restaurant.


Ceiling Smashers

Ceiling Smashers Mural

Ceiling Smashers Mural by Kollet Nichole Probst will not be ignored! This piece provides strength and inspiration to all who see it and is one of the best selfie spots in town!



Just north of Downtown, you’ll find one of Tallahassee’s most popular entertainment districts boasting a wide spectrum of restaurants, bars, music venues, shopping and of course, murals.

Bella Bella

Bella Bella Restaurant Mural

Bella Bella Restaurant Mural by Melanie Garnett and Bridgette Bahniuk resides on the side of this award-winning Italian restaurant.

Midtown Gardener Mural

Midtown Gardener Mural by the Midtown Merchants Association, shows the growth that is possible when you have a nurturing spirit, much like the entire Midtown district.

Music Masters

Guitar Mural

Guitar Mural at Music Masters. There’s no other way to say it, Tallahassee rocks!

Kool Beanz Cafe

Kool Beanz Cafe

Kool Beanz Cafe Mural the bright and colorful artwork starts on the outside and continues throughout this funky award-winning restaurant.



The heartbeat of Tallahassee is found downtown. Home to a diverse blend of legislators and long-time residents, downtown’s many memorials, statues and murals showcase the unique character of Florida’s Capital City.

Anabelle Dias Murals

Anabelle Dias Murals by Kollet Probst. “Justice” pays tribute to African-American leaders who continue to fight for justice and equality to this day, while Lady Liberty keeps watch over these offices and all that pass by.


There is Love Mural

There is Love Mural by Chiara Saldivar and Daniel O’Connor McCluskey. Located at Cypress Restaurant, this colorful mural proves that art is everywhere in Downtown.



Nighthawk by briteso (Matthew Forrest). Located in Gallie Alley at 109 E College Ave.


Hold Fast to Dreams Murals

Hold Fast to Dreams Murals by F.A.C.E. Community Volunteers, speaks volumes without saying a word. This mural reminds us all to follow our dreams.



Find inspiration and hopeful messages around every corner of the Southside of Tallahassee. Anchored by Florida A&M University, there is a positive vibe that permeates the people, places and art of this neighborhood.

FAMU Painted Walls

FAMU students have taken their school pride to paint many walls around campus. Greek letters and student organizations add splashes of color wherever you look

McCarron Mural

McCarron Mural by Matthew McCarron. This unique mural will certainly make you think. Contrasting colors of yellow, black and white make this piece stand out in the neighborhood.



Tallahassee Love/ T Pain (Musician, Pioneer of AutoTune, Native to Tallahassee)

T Pain by briteso (Matthew Forrest). Located in Railroad Crossings at 1312 S Adams St.


Moving Forward Together/ Wilhelmina Jakes and Carrie Patterson

Moving Forward Together by briteso (Matthew Forrest). Made in collaboration with Michael Crowne. Located in Euphoria Tattoos at 1429 S Monroe St.



Junction at Monroe

The Junction at Monroe by Kollet Probst showcases a loving tribute to the late musician Prince on the wall at this popular music venue.

Recycle Mural

Recycle at FAMU

FAMU Recycle Mural  is a friendly reminder that we can all help make the world a better place by doing this one simple task.

Anderson Brickler Gallery

Anderson Brickler Gallery Murals

The Anderson Brickler Gallery Murals showcase two local college graduates. Located at 1705 South Adams Street, the works were created by Florida State University graduate Sara Painter and Florida A&M graduate Cory Williams.


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