Global Meetings Industry Day

By Visit Tallahassee

April 7, 2022
Meetings Mean Business!

Meetings Mean Business! #GMID2022

After nearly two years of Zoom, FaceTime and virtual meetings, it is more apparent than ever that face-to-face meetings deliver additional benefits for both the employee and employer. These meetings are an essential component to build relationships, convert and retain customers, network and learn about the latest products, technologies and competitive offerings. It should not be surprising that more than four in five decision makers believe business travel leads to increased profit and revenue.

Not only do large, in-person events spur human value and connection—but they also serve as a significant economic driver, injecting valuable spending dollars back into host communities and the U.S. economy.

Global Meetings Industry Day 2022: Five Ways to Engage

1 – Host an event and tell us about it.

Organize a GMID event and fill out our survey to share your event details (link: Highlight the importance of resuming in-person meetings to your community and industry stakeholders and consider inviting local elected officials and the media to underscore the importance of resuming these meetings to your local economy.

2 – Post on your social media channels using our Social Media Guide.

Whether you’re communicating to business leaders, industry colleagues or members of Congress—our social media guide provides messaging points and data helpful to convey to any audience. We’ve included copy and graphics for you to use in both the weeks prior to GMID and on April 7. If you choose to engage with Congress, tag their social media handles to ensure they see your content. Get Creative! Leverage Reels and Stories to show real-time examples and highlight safe meetings that are happening on GMID and throughout the year. We’ve also provided three short videos in the toolkit to add to your content calendar. Remember to tag #iHeartTally and #GMID2022 to join the industry wide conversation.

3 – Engage with the media, local elected officials and Members of Congress.

Use our sample press release, key messages document, sample op-ed and Social Media guide to gain media attention surrounding the safety, significance and business value of meetings and events to your community. Localize these messages with your own data and what you are seeing in market around the resumption of in-person meetings and events and just why they are so critical to filling jobs and generating critical travel spending.

4 – Spotlight Meetings happening in your community.

Meetings are happening, and they are happening now, all across the U.S. Join us in our Countdown to GMID – highlighting an in-person meeting in your community on April 7. Together, these examples can demonstrate that meetings of all sizes from all industries are being held (and booked) in the year ahead. Share good news of new business coming to your community or venue or the success of one that has already been held. It is so important that decision-makers are aware of the meetings that are happening now – when considering whether to hold their next meeting.

5 – Turn BLUE for the day.

The official color of GMID is blue—and many across the industry recognize the importance of this activation by turning their channels, and in some cases their buildings, blue. Change your cover photo on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to blue on April 7 to join in the movement.


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