Debbie Lightsey Nature Park

Top 5 Spots for Fall Foliage in Tallahassee

By Visit Tallahassee

Discover the Magic of Fall

As the leaves begin their vibrant transformation, Tallahassee emerges as a picturesque palette of fall colors. From boardwalk strolls to canopy bridges, here are the top 5 spots to witness the spectacle of Fall Foliage in Tallahassee.

Debbie Lightsey Nature Park

Debbie Lightsey Nature Park: Nestled amidst wetlands and adorned with native trees and plants, Debbie Lightsey Nature Park offers a serene retreat. Wander along the boardwalk and let the hues of autumn and the crackle of the leaves beneath your feet captivate your senses.

Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park: Step back in time at the historic Wakulla Springs. Embark on a jungle boat tour and witness the cinematic landscapes where Hollywood classics were once filmed (Creature from the Black Lagoon, Tarzans Secret Treasure, Airport 77, Night Moves and more). The park is fully ADA-compliant ensuring that everyone can bask in the seasonal beauty. Forbes featured St. Mark’s Wildlife Refuge as “Eight Awesome Places To See Iconic American Wildlife.”

Lafayette Heritage Trail Park: Elevate your fall experience at Lafayette Heritage Trail Park. The canopy bridge takes you among the treetops, immersing you in a sea of fiery reds and amber golds.

Lake Ella: Experience the charm of fall at Lake Ella, where you can meander through local shops and pause to admire the foliage reflecting on the water’s surface. Lake Ella was featured in The Saturday Evening Post as “Fantastic Fall Foliage NOT in New England.”

Apalachicola National Forest: Lose yourself in the old-growth beauty of Apalachicola National Forest. The towering ancient trees, adorned in autumn colors, paint a timeless masterpiece.

Tallahassee’s autumnal allure is undeniable. From the historical charm of Wakulla Springs to the elevated views at Lafayette Heritage Trail Park, each spot tells a colorful story. It’s time to plan your visit and let Tallahassee’s fall foliage inspire you!


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