Beat the Heat with Tallahassee’s Cool Sweet Treats!

By Visit Tallahassee

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall – there is one thing that goes with them all – Ice Cream. Don’t miss these delectable delights that are as unique as the Tallahassee neighborhoods where they are found.

Magda’s Ice cream and Coffee Shop

Located close to FSU and FAMU in CollegeTown, Magda’s offers many delicious choices from traditional favorites to cool desserts like edible cookie dough and cereal milk lattes. This sweet-smelling shop is a favorite for students craving a snack after studying.

Lofty Pursuits

What started out as a toy store in 1993 has since become a full-service, old-fashioned ice cream shop offering a soda fountain, a Victorian candy-making kitchen and brunch room, with local art exhibited throughout the space. This easily makes Lofty Pursuits, located in the Market District, one of the most unique (and tasty) places in Tallahassee.

Sugar Rush Bar

Tallahassee’s take on one of the hottest dessert trends, “freakshakes.” These milkshakes are not for the faint of heart, as they come topped with even more sweets, including full slices of cake, Pop-Tarts, an ice cream cone and cookies. Sugar Rush Bar also offers topping including covered cheesecake and waffles, as well as build-your-own cups and cones of ice cream. Sugar Rush Bar offers two locations to satisfy your cravings, All Saints and Bannerman Crossing.

Big Easy Snowballs

Head to Lake Ella in Midtown for a refreshing, classic treat, but with a twist, snow cones stuffed with vanilla ice cream. Big Easy Snowballs offers over 90 unique flavors, including regular style snowballs (no ice cream), cream flavors (which adds evaporated milk to give the snowball a velvety consistency), sour flavors, sugar free flavors and of course, their staple “stuffed” snowballs.

Barb’s Gourmet Brittles

Along with her famous nutted candy, Barb’s Gourmet Brittles offers eight flavors of homemade ice cream. Grab a cone and take a leisurely walk around beautiful Lake Ella.

Mr. Cool Ice Cream

Located on West Tennessee St. Mr. Cool Ice Cream serves what is known as “stir fried ice” in the form of ice cream rolls; a fun way to enjoy ice cream without the mess of it melting before you can finish it. Try one of the 10 ice cream roll flavors, or add your own toppings such as fruits, syrups and graham crackers. Mr. Cool also offers nitrogen ice cream, the newest way to make “instant,” creamy ice cream.

Isabella’s Pizzeria Napoletano

Known for its wood fired pizzas and calzones, Isabella’s in Collegetown also offers the irresistible flavors of genuine Napoletano style gelato.

Smoothie Time

Craving something a little smoother, find it at Smoothie Time. located on Capital Circle SE, this family owned café providing healthy smoothies made fresh and. Made with all-natural ingredients these cold icy drinks provide the perfectly balanced and delicious treat that is good for your health. The menu also features all-day breakfast and lunch options. Owners Abby and Erick Smith are longtime residents of Tallahassee, making this family owned restaurant great for a sweet and healthy treat.


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