Tallahassee’s Topgolf Swing Suite Pairs Well at World of Beer

By Jay Revell

The game of golf has never been more available to the masses. Through abundant public courses across the country and the advent of new and entertaining offerings like Topgolf, the sport has become popular with a new generation of players. Technology has even reached the point where indoor simulators can offer golfers of all skill levels the chance to play the game no matter the time of year or weather conditions. This latest craze has even found a place among the golf offerings in Florida’s Capital City.

In 2020, local hospitality entrepreneur Jason Frimmel opened Tallahassee’s first World of Beer location. When planning his new enterprise, Frimmel insisted on adding a Topgolf Swing Suite to the menu. Working with the World of Beer franchise team, Frimmel secured a license to make his Tallahassee World of Beer the first in the country to offer the popular golf simulator. He told me, “I had to have it here. It’s such a great product that appeals to customers of all ages and skill levels. We believe the Topgolf Swing Suite is the perfect fit for this community.”

Recently, I met Frimmel at the Tallahassee World of Beer for a few cold drafts, a sampling of the food, and of course a little friendly competition in the simulator. What I found was a wonderful way to enjoy the game in a fun and refreshing way.

Tallahassee’s World of Beer is located off of Apalachee Parkway. The State Capitol and Downtown skyline are visible from the parking lot and only a short drive away. From the minute I walked in the door, I could tell the new offering was going to be a big hit with both golfers and others looking for indoor entertainment in Tallahassee.

Frimmel showed me the two Topgolf Swing Suites that are located just off the main dining area and within earshot of the expansive full-service bar. Each suite has comfortable seating and plenty of room for fun. He told me that patrons can rent either one or both of the suites on an hourly basis and that the area can accommodate up to sixteen people. There’s more than just golf available too.

Topgolf Swing Suites come fully programmed with a variety of games. There is of course the classic TopGolf modes along with challenge holes and competitions like JewelJam. Beyond those options, his World of Beer guests can enjoy games based on Baseball, Football, Hockey, and Dodgeball(the zombie dodgeball is particularly popular with groups). For the die hard golfers, the Topgolf Swing Suite also offers the chance to play some of the best and well-known courses on earth including Pebble Beach, the St. Andrews Old Course, and dozens of others.

During my visit, Frimmel and I ordered up a few craft beers from nearby Oyster City Brewing and tasted the greatest hits off the full food menu including giant soft pretzels and mac & cheese bites. All of which paired perfectly with the shots we were trying on the simulator. My host showed his skills off while schooling me on the “ocean side” challenge holes that make for a great way to earn bragging rights among friends and family.

“The Topgolf Swing Suite is a fun way to get a small dose of golf while enjoying dinner, drinks, or even just a break from work” Frimmel said. He added “We’ve been open for a few months. I am proud to report that the simulator has proven to be extremely popular.”

Tallahassee has an abundance of affordable and accessible golf options and great weather for which to enjoy the game year round, however, when the temperatures rise of thunderstorms pop up, the Topgolf Swing Suite can make for a great back up plan. The simulator experience is also a cool way to settle bets or try something new with your swing after dark.

Tallahassee’s World of Beer is open every day beginning during the lunch hour and the fun keeps going until 2am. Just as Frimmel predicted, the Topgolf Swing Suite has been a welcome addition to Tallahassee’s golf offerings and the lively atmosphere only enhances the experience. For those looking for a new way to enjoy the game of golf or even just a different sort of indoor entertainment, don’t miss Tallahassee’s new World of Beer location and the wildly enjoyable Topgolf Swing Suite.

Jay Revell
Golf Scribe

Jay Revell is a golf writer based in Tallahassee, Florida. He is the author of The Nine Virtues of

Golf: Essays, Musings, and Other Contemplations on the Game. His stories, essays, travelogues and histories have been featured in a wide variety of popular publications including The Golfer’s Journal, McKellar Magazine, Golf.com, and Golf Advisor. Jay has also worked to tell golf stories for brands such as MacKenzie Golf Bags and Visit Florida. He publishes regular musings on the game via his personal website JayRevell.com.

You can follow him on Twitter at @jayrevell or on Instagram at @jayrevellwrites


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