The Social Distancer Itinerary

By Visit Tallahassee

Looking for a fun way to explore Tallahassee while maintaining a safe social distance? This plan is for you.

Suggested Dining

  • Open For Takeout
    • Restaurants are “Open for Takeout!” From pizza and beer to fine dining and deserts… local restaurants have some very creative ways for you to enjoy delicious food by take-out or delivery. Use this handy map locator and we guarantee you won’t be hungry for long!
  • Curbside Brewery Tour
    • The perfect addition to any takeout meal is a sample of Tallahassee’s local breweries. This Brew Tour makes it easy to take happy hour home with you.

Outdoor Activities

  • Pup Walks
    • Not only does your pup need to get out and play, so do you! Grab your leash and take your dog for a long walk around Lafayette Heritage Trail.

Explore Trails & Greenways

Walk, run, paddle or bike along the 700+ miles of trails. View all trails at Trailahassee.com or explore one of our wonderful trails, greenways or rivers.

Activities From Home

Just because you can’t visit in-person, doesn’t mean that you can’t watch and play along online with some amazing virtual activities from our favorite local businesses and attractions. Find several live events to join, or explore a variety of experiences below to help inspire you for future getaways.


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