See the New Red Wolf Pups at The Tallahassee Museum

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Exciting news for animal lovers!

The Tallahassee Museum recently welcomed two new members to its wildlife family: a pair of adorable red wolf pups born on April 26, 2024. These pups, one male and one female, are the first litter for proud parents Arrow and Rainier.

Rainier, born from the last litter at the museum in 2017, is now a dad, while Arrow is embracing her new role as a mother. The museum’s Animal Department and Dr. Manuel from Forgotten Coast Animal Hospital have been monitoring the pups closely to ensure they are healthy and thriving.

Red wolves are naturally shy, so the pups are currently nestled in their cozy den box, just like they would be in the wild. They may not be visible for a couple of months, but that’s part of the excitement. Visitors to the museum this summer and fall will have the unique opportunity to see these rare pups as they begin to explore their surroundings.wolf puppies at the tallahassee museum

The Tallahassee Museum has been a key player in red wolf conservation since 1988. At that time, wild red wolves were nearly extinct due to hunting and habitat loss. Thanks to the museum’s efforts and the American Red Wolf SAFE Project, these magnificent creatures have a fighting chance at survival.

Red wolves are the most endangered canids on the planet, with fewer than 250 left. By visiting the Tallahassee Museum, visitors support vital conservation work and witness the incredible journey of these rare pups.


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