Public Art Walks

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Enjoy art, history and the outdoors with these entertaining public art walks.

These self-guided tours promote a healthy lifestyle and offer residents and visitors the opportunity to experience and appreciate our outdoor public art. You’ll see dozens of fun and funky pieces as well as historic monuments that make our area unique.

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Outdoor art abounds in Tallahassee! Browse COCA’s directory of more than 200 public sculptures, murals, windows, memorials, and monuments and visit our Public Art Map to find out what’s near you.

Downtown Public Art Walk

Explore Tallahassee’s history  with our Downtown Public Art Walk. This walk will get your heart pumping and give you a glimpse of our downtown public art. Starting at The Sunday Paper sculpture on Kleman Plaza, the route will take you past numerous historic monuments as well as plenty of fun and funky pieces that make our downtown unique.

All Saint’s Public Art Walk

Get up close and personal with our All Saints Public Art Walk and enjoy a stroll through one of our community’s most creative enclaves. Starting at the Birds Bus Shelter, the route will introduce you to dozens of examples of public art along Gaines Street, in Railroad Square Art Park, and in Art Alley. This walk offers residents and visitors the opportunity to experience and appreciate our local treasures.

Art Outside

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COCA developed and maintains the Outdoor Public Art Directory, a comprehensive resource that catalogs our community’s iconic, historic, and quirky works of art. It includes more than 200 public artworks from city, county and state/university collections as well as corporate and community artworks. These outdoor sculptures, murals, windows, monuments and memorials enhance Tallahassee’s natural beauty and can be viewed from the street, sidewalk or other public locations. Look through the guide to learn more about what’s near you then explore them on your own or venture out on one of our self-guided art walks. View COCA’s Outdoor Public Art Directory.


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