The Producers: A Mel Brooks Musical

The Producers: A Mel Brooks Musical

The zany musical based on the hit Mel Brooks Film of the same name.

Start Date

Apr. 4, 2024

End Date

Apr. 21, 2024


08:00 pm


Theatre Tallahassee
1861 Thomasville Road
Tallahassee FL 32303
(850) 224-8474
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Max Bialystock, the one-­time king of Broadway producers hungry to strike it rich again, and Leo Bloom, an accountant with dreams of someday becoming a theatre producer, discover that they can get richer by producing a flop than a hit. They set out to find the worst show, worst director, and the worst actors they can cast. When their new production, “Springtime for Hitler,” turns out to be a smash success, the plan is thrown off and the partners’ lives are thrown into hilarious chaos.


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