The Bard’s Bicentennial Poetry Jam

The Bard's Bicentennial Poetry Jam

Start Date

Mar. 16, 2024


12:00 am


The Moon
1105 East Lafayette St.
Tallahassee Florida
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The Bard’s Bicentennial Poetry Jam will draw poets and writers from nearby regions to Tallahassee for the opportunity to share their poetry with their peers and our wider audience, as well as for the opportunity to network and expand the reach of their work. Poetry lovers and Shakespeare lovers alike will attend the event for the opportunity to hear new and exciting work, as well as some of their favorite classic pieces. Local food trucks, breweries, and vendors such as Midtown Reader and the Tallahassee Writer’s Association will be invited to participate in the event, showing visitors that Tallahassee is a growing cultural hub of Florida with amazing offerings in the art, culinary, and cultural scenes.


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