Sports Ability Big Kahuna

Sports Ability Big Kahuna

EVERYONE is invited to have a team in the race. It is a fun, team building event that is sure to include a ton of laughs. Your friends, club, co-workers are all welcome to join in while supporting an excellent cause.

Start Date

Feb. 18, 2024

End Date

Feb. 27, 2024


02:00 pm



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The Big Kahuna is a fundraising event for Miracle Sports in Tallahassee. Learn more about Miracle Sports and their mission here: https://www.fdoa.org/miracle-sports#more
Race Time:
2:00 pm to approximately 4:00 pm
Practice Time:
12:00 pm to 2:00 pm
If teams would like to come out and practice, they may do so between these hours. Teams that are able to paddle in unison and work together will be most successful.
Location: Lake Hall at Alfred B. Maclay Gardens (3540 Thomasville Road, Tallahassee, FL 32309).
Please sign in at the Registration Desk when you arrive.
Entrance Fee: Park entrance fees have been waived for Big Kahuna participants.
Parking: Park in the lot near Lake Hall. If it is full, you will be directed to a designated parking lot.
Race Format:
– There will be two voyager style canoes.
– When you sign in at the registration desk, they will let you know whether you will be going in Boat A or Boat B.
– Each boat will be timed going out to a designated point on Lake Hall and Back.
– After all boats have been timed, the fastest team from Boat A will race head to head against the fastest team from Boat B.
– The winner of that race will be the Big Kahuna! The other boat in that race will be the runner up.
Prizes: The Big Kahuna and the Runner Up will receive an award shaped like a paddle that can be proudly displayed. There will also be several door prizes during the day.
Equipment: Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) and paddles will be available. You will not need to bring any equipment.
Crew: 10-14 people are considered a crew. Crews can be made up of clubs, coworkers, or groups of friends! FSU students and other community volunteers will be on hand to complete your boat if you do not have enough team members. There is a place for a coxswain to sit (your 14th member).
Waiver: Each team member must sign a waiver.
Register: To enter a team in the race,
please make your donation at https://www.sportsability.org/big-kahuna


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