Special Exhbiit: Honoring the Mighty 8th Air Force

Special Exhbiit: Honoring the Mighty 8th Air Force

Camp Gordon Johnston Museum presents a special exhibit from July 23 - Aug 31 on Honoring the Mighty 8th Air Force.  Open Tue-Sat 11am-5pm. Free admission.

Start Date

Jul. 23, 2024

End Date

Aug. 31, 2024


11:00 am


Camp Gordon Johnston WWII Museum
1873 Hwy 98 West
Carrabelle FL 32322
(850) 697-8575
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Camp Gordon Johnston WWII Museum in Carrabelle is presenting a special exhibit exploring the heroic history of the Eighth Air Force, known as The Mighty Eighth. A collection of artifacts will help portray the bravery and sacrifice of the Mighty Eighth. This exhibit will open on Tuesday, July 23 and be on display until Saturday, August 31.  The museum is open every Tuesday through Saturday from 11 am to 5 pm. There is no charge for admission, but donations are gladly accepted.

The Eighth Air Force was the greatest air armada in history, reaching peak strength of over 200,000 personnel by mid-1944. In just three years, the Eighth completed over 440,000 bomber sorties dropping almost 700,000 tons of bombs, and 11,200 aerial victories. They destroyed the German Luftwaffe, and also destroyed Nazi Germany’s ability to wage war. These efforts paved the way for the D-Day assault. .

These accomplishments came with a price; the Eighth suffered nearly half of the U.S. Army Air Force’s casualties, including more than 26,000 dead. The servicemen of the Eighth earned 17 Medals of Honor (the highest military decoration), 220 Distinguished Service Crosses and many other awards. Visitors are invited to come to the museum to learn more about these heroes.

Camp Gordon Johnston WWII Museum is located at 1873 Hwy 98 West, directly across from the very beach where the beach assault training occurred in 1942-1943. Carrabelle Beach was the site of many practice beach assault landings. For more information, contact Camp Gordon Johnston Museum at (850) 697-8575 or museum@campgordonjohnston.com. Funded in part by the Franklin County Tourist Development Council.


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