Silent Movies with Live Accompaniment

Silent Movies with Live Accompaniment

One of Charlie Chaplin's greatest feature-length films, The Gold Rush (1925), featuring his "Little Tramp" character. Live accompaniment by pianist Jack Quine. Free admission & free popcorn

Start Date

Nov. 26, 2021


07:00 pm


Blue Tavern
1206 North Monroe St.
Tallahassee FL 32303
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Charlie Chaplin – who wrote, directed, and starred in The Gold Rush – drew inspiration from photographs of the Klondike Gold Rush as well as accounts of the Donner Party, who were driven to cannibalism and eating leather from their shoes.

This film is reported to be Chaplin’s favorite of all his films. Chaplin, who believed tragedies and comics were not far from each other, decided to combine these stories of deprivation and horror in comedy. He decided that his famous rogue figure should become a gold-digger who joins a brave optimist determined to face all the pitfalls associated with the search for gold, such as sickness, hunger, cold, loneliness, or the possibility that he may at any time be attacked by a grizzly. In the film, Chaplins cooks his shoe, and his starving friend Big Jim envisions him as a chicken.

Local piano man Jack Quine will play our 100-year-old piano in a fitting accompaniment to this classic film, and expect a couple of additional “foley” sound effects from the percussion section!

Blue Tavern will be closed all day on Thanksgiving, and Friday the 26th we’ll open the bar at 7 pm but the kitchen will be closed. Come enjoy snacks with a drink; popcorn will be provided free of charge and there are other small bites you can purchase. As always we’ll offer beer, wine, coffee, tea and sodas.


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