Proscenophobia: Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

Proscenophobia: Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

Murder happens, but on stage?? A travelling theater troupe has a love triangle that leaves one member dead, but how, and who? Come to the Perkins Banquet Hall and solve the mystery with us!

Start Date

Feb. 14, 2024

End Date

Mar. 3, 2024


07:00 pm


Monticello Opera House
185 West Washington Street
Monticello FL 32345
(850) 997-4242
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A theatre company on tour includes a star and her understudy who were both married to the same man. When the understudy takes the stage at a provincial theatre, the gun fires bullets instead of blanks and she is killed. Who was the intended victim? Who loaded the gun? Focus is on human motivation rather than police investigation in this theatre mystery.

Our interactive and fun-filled MMDT performances are a “let your hair down” good time! Held in the downstairs Perkins Banquet Hall, the show is performed in between courses of the meal. Audience participation is welcome but not required. You’ll have a chance to play super-sleuth and determine who-dunnit, and the best detectives will win prizes including tickets to a future MMDT show!

A full-service cash or credit bar will be available, featuring premium beer, wine, and cocktails.


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