Ninja Mountain Bike Clinics

Ninja Mountain Bike Clinics

Start Date

Oct. 15, 2022

End Date

Oct. 16, 2022


09:00 am


Tom Brown Park
443-557 Easterwood Dr
Tallahassee Florida 32311
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Ninjas are coming to Tallahassee!

Ninja Mountain Bike Performance offers half day and full day Clinics and comprehensive 2-Day Camps that pull all of the Ninja curriculum together into one awesome weekend. For those riders who are looking to tackle varied terrain with confidence and skill, the 2-Day Camp is the best place to start. If you are looking for something a little more specific or don’t have a full weekend to commit, check out the “a la carte” clinic options.

If you’ve never taken a skills clinic before, regardless of your riding experience, we always recommend taking a Fundamentals clinic (offered as Co-ed Fundamentals and Women’s Only Fundamentals and included in the 2-Day Camp curriculum). Even advanced riders often have bad habits that need to be corrected and a comprehensive review of the foundational riding skills will help to do just that. Start with the fundamentals to break those bad habits (even the ones you might not know you have)!


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