Mickee Faust Goes Corona-Viral

Mickee Faust Goes Corona-Viral

Time has passed, and some poor soul has bequeathed footage taken of Mickee Faust! Heed the words and be ready for social media domination!

Start Date

May. 21, 2020

End Date

Aug. 31, 2020


All Day
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Yes, COVID-19 is preventing Mickee Faust from performing at his beloved Clubhouse.  BUT, he will not be defeated… no matter how hard we try.  So like so many other traditional media figures, he is going to YouTube!  He has his rat minions slaving away at making the content you expect from a Mickee Faust cabaret: funny, irreverent, queer, and radical.  So follow the link and subscribe to our YouTube channel to see all the content we are going to push out.  And click the bell so you know exactly when we push it out.


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