Meet and Greet: Cindy Roe Littlejohn w/ Palmetto Pioneers

Meet and Greet: Cindy Roe Littlejohn w/ Palmetto Pioneers

Calling to all lovers of suspenseful non-fiction, stop by Midtown Reader to meet Cindy Roe Littlejohn, author of Palmetto Pioneers.

Start Date

Jun. 17, 2023


03:30 pm


Midtown Reader
1123 Thomasville Road
Tallahassee FL 32303
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About the Book:

America’s attorney general said, “no man would immigrate to Florida—no, not from hell itself!” But the Walker families went, anyway! In 1829, Mary Adeline Walker followed her family into the wilds of territorial Florida. In frontier Florida, the enemy is nature and man, and the ordinary must become extraordinary—or perish.

About the Author:

Cindy Roe Littlejohn, a married mother of three and a grandmother of seven, Is an author and writer, blogger, tree farmer, and retired agricultural and environmental lobbyist.  She loves to travel (especially old trails), garden, do genealogy, and spend time with her family in the outdoors. Littlejohn comes from Jefferson County and is the eighth generation of her family to have lived there. She has a BS, MS, and PhD from Florida State University. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Florida Forestry Association and on the Florida Historic Capitol Foundation. She is an associate scholar with the Aucilla Research Institute and a member of Class XXI of Connect Florida (Leadership Florida). She serves as an Elder at First Presbyterian Church of Monticello and is a volunteer docent with Monticello’s Keystone Genealogical Library.


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