Loco For Love – A “Theater with a Mission” Bicentennial Celebration

Loco For Love - A "Theater with a Mission" Bicentennial Celebration

Time travel into the backstory of Tallahassee’s bicentennial anniversary guided by Theater with a Mission.

Start Date

Sep. 22, 2023

End Date

Sep. 23, 2023


All Day


Mickee Faust Club
609 Railroad Square
Tallahassee FL 32310



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We’re Loco For Love!!! Next year, Tallahassee turns 200. This year, Loco for Love Festival 2023 takes you deep into the backstory of Tallahassee’s Bicentennial on September 22-23.

Theater with a Mission is back again to offer you one-of-a-kind encounters with music, dance, and drama. Join us to see performances of texts written hundreds of years ago, captivating reenactments, and original works that transport you into our local and state history. Theater with a Mission (TWAM) has a history of bringing world-class artists to Tallahassee – artists whose talents pick you up and take you right back into Florida’s Spanish past. In 2019, Loco for Love featured Florida’s first chance to enjoy the Dragoncillo Puppet Troupe from Michigan, performing new translations of plays from the 1600s.

This year we are excited to be in our 4th year of production. Loco for Love 2023 will feature all the things you know and love about Loco For Love, like incredible performances by local artists, professional lectures, and experiences rooted in historic education. Join us at Mickee Faust on September 22 and 23 for dance, drama, food, and celebration!

Friday, September 22 from 6:00 – 9:00 PM
Saturday, September 23 from 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM and 6:00 – 9:00 PM


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