Start Date

Aug. 19, 2022


08:00 pm


Blue Tavern
1206 North Monroe St.
Tallahassee FL 32303
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Come enjoy another round of music that will lift your spirits!

Stan Rosenthal describes the band’s sound as world jazz: “Tango, rumba, gypsy jazz, flamenco rumba, bossa nova, bolero, blues, swing, raga, klezmer, standards, funk, rock, classical & contemporary are all styles and influences that show up in our music.
“All of us have long backgrounds in music. Richard Bertram plays bass, saxophones and clarinet. Michael Blizzard plays flute and keyboard. Pam Ryan plays the viola. Pam (Dr. Ryan) is FSU’s viola professor, plays many concerts a year, etc., etc. I play guitars (classical and electric), bass and keyboard. I am also the primary arranger for the band and enjoy being able to work with such competent musicians that can comfortably play such a broad range of styles. This enables me to create unusual song presentations that are often ‘Out of the Box.'”

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