Hot Dogs, Cool Cats!

Hot Dogs, Cool Cats!

Three kittens go on a perilous adventure to find their mittens, and must be rescued when they lose their way and end up in the Dog Pound!

Start Date

Jun. 13, 2023

End Date

Jun. 17, 2023


10:30 am


Monticello Opera House
185 West Washington Street
Monticello FL 32345
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Based on a short play by Alex Brookins. Script and lyrics by Melanie Mays. Music by Tod Barnard. Directed, music direction, and choreography by Melanie Mays.

Three little kittens, Kiki, George, and Tuna, have lost their mittens. So they begin a perilous journey to find them, meet some Bad Dogs along the way, and wind up in the Dog Pound! Mama cat, Duchess, is worried sick about her kittens. She hires Detective Sam Spadenneuter to sniff out their trail and find the lost kittens. It’s a show full of fun and adventure and a few hairballs along the way.


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