Hot Dogs, Cool Cats, Children’s Theater

Hot Dogs, Cool Cats, Children's Theater

Hot Dogs, Cool Cats, Children's Theater, Monticello Opera House, presented by MadCo

Start Date

Jun. 17, 2023


02:00 pm


Monticello Opera House
185 W. Washington Street
Monticello FL - Florida 32344


$5 to $15

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Come see Hot Dogs, Cool Cats, an original musical based on a story by 12-year Alexandra Brookins; script by Melanie Mays; music & lyrics by Melanie Mays & Tod Barnard, presented by the Monticello Acting & Dance Co. (MadCo). This production is from June 13 -17, and will be held during the Watermelon Festival at the Monticello Opera House. Synopsis: The three little kittens have lost their mittens. But never fear! Detective Sam Spadenneuter is here to save the day! He’ll follow the clues, “unravel” the mystery, and save the kittens from the Bad Dogs and The Pound! The original script is set to cool, jazz music, reminiscent of the TV
detective shows of the 1960’s and 1970’s. The plot twists and turns will have you jumping out of your seat. Who knows? Maybe you can help to solve the mystery of the missing kittens.


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