Herbal Tea Blending

Herbal Tea Blending

Herbal Tea Blending Workshop

Start Date

Dec. 8, 2023


06:30 pm


Knotz & Mane
625-14 Railroad Square
Tallahassee FL 32310



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Want to learn more about herbs and how to blend your own medicinal tea blends? Learning how to blend your own teas can be deeply rewarding and blends can be tailored to the person. Also, the knowledge of what exactly is in the tea bag and how long it’s been stored is deeply gratifying.

In this workshop we will teach you how to mix herbal tea blends safely and effectively in a way that supports your personal needs. Discussion will include:

*Basic herbs and proper herbal usage
*Selecting herbs for tea blend
*How to formulate tea blend recipes
*Hands on tea blending
*Steeping tea blends (Infusion Decoction)
*Proper Tea Storage

Materials Needed:
*Large mixing bowl
*Measuring spoons
*Measuring cups
*16 oz Mason Jar
*3-4 dried herbs for blending

Attendees will receive a 15% of Herbs coupon.

Teas have long been used for medicinal purposes as well as relaxation purposes. Join us for this workshop to learn how to blend the perfect tea that suits just you.


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