Glenn Priest/Chris Garven, Beethoven Choral Fantasy

Glenn Priest/Chris Garven, Beethoven Choral Fantasy

Glenn Priest, Former Artist-in-Residence with the Boston Pops Orchestra will perform a piano and organ duet concert culminating with the Beethoven Choral Fantasy with orchestra and the Cathedral Choir of St Peter's.

Start Date

Sep. 9, 2022


07:00 pm


St Peter's Anglican Cathedral
4784 Thomasville Rd
Tallahassee FL 32309
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Glenn Priest, former Artist-in Residence at the Boston Pops and current Director of Worship at Fairhaven Church in Dayton, Ohio and Chris Garven, Director of Music at St Peter’s Anglican Cathedral have performed together for over 25 years under the name “Musical Benches.”  They feature great organ and piano music in an easy, engaging and exciting way.   This event will feature the great pipe organ and beautiful Steinways of St Peter’s. The evening will culminate with the famed Choral Fantasy, which is a 25 minute, single movement piano concerto with choir.  This is sort of a mini Ninth Symphony, composed earlier in Beethoven’s life featuring the full forces of orchestra, piano and choir!


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