CLOSED – Tallahassee Scavenger Hunt: Outdoor Activities in Tallahassee

CLOSED - Tallahassee Scavenger Hunt: Outdoor Activities in Tallahassee

Looking for small group activities that take you beyond the four walls of your local watering hole? Let’s Roam is here to help.

Start Date

Mar. 26, 2020

End Date

Dec. 31, 2020


All Day


116 Honors Way, , FL, United States
Tallahassee FL 32304



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Sign up for a Tallahassee scavenger hunt and put on your best Nick Cage impression as you seek out the national treasures hidden in Tallahassee. [Hunt_name] will guide you through the cultural, historical, artistic, and zany Tallahassee sights as you and your team contend for scavenger hunt glory.

Preview some of the “epic” highlights for this hunt: Florida State University, First Presbyterian Church, Capitol Complex.

And ladies, this isn’t just for action fans, if you and the crew need a night out, or you are looking for bachelorette party ideas in Tallahassee there’s no better way to celebrate. Let us be your party planners as we escort you through the glamorous cultural sites, chic bars, and the occasional mechanical bulls that every bachelorette party requires. Tallahassee bachelorette parties just got a lot more interesting.

Got a bright bunch of promising talent in need of some hands-on learning? Our team building activities for students and for corporations take teamwork to the streets leading bright young minds to the sites that they’ve read about in textbooks. They’ll be seeking out facts, portraying historic moments, and competing for scavenger hunt glory, all in a day’s work. This is the best team outing idea Tallahassee has to offer.

Here are of the other epic adventures Let’s Roam has near you: Jacksonville, From The Ashes, Pensacola Scavenger Hunt, and Atlanta Perspectives.


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