Civil Rights: Soul of a Movement

Civil Rights: Soul of a Movement

Civil Rights: Soul of a Movement celebrates the triumphant spirit of those who fought injustice through the music and story-telling of the Civil Rights Era in America.

Start Date

Jul. 9, 2022


07:00 pm


James S. Rickards Auditorium
3013 Jim Lee Rd.
Tallahassee FL 32301
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“Civil Rights:  Soul of a Movement” is a tribute that celebrates the faith, hope and resilience in a pivotal era in American history–the Civil Rights Movement–through song, music, and story-telling.
The event features the dynamic vocals of The Soul Collective (Lyrical Lynn Forbes, Deanna Miller and Vonzel DeSean, along with the J-Rive Quartet); a narrator who will outline the historical story between songs (Monica Woods); and a folk philosopher and storyteller whose father knew Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. who will reminisce about his childhood experiences in the movement (Segun Williams).


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