Book Signing: Markeisa Tassy with There’s Hope in Healing

Book Signing: Markeisa Tassy with There's Hope in Healing

Stop by to get your book signed by author Markeisa Tassy! Call the store to get a copy of the book today.

Start Date

Aug. 20, 2022


03:00 pm


Midtown Reader
1123 Thomasville Rd
Tallahassee FL 32303
(850) 425-2665



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About the book:
Brace yourself as Markeisa Tassy takes you through chilling stages in her life. She doesn’t hold back any of her deepest darkest secrets. Many of which she thought she would bring to the grave. Let alone share with the whole world. Markeisa felt it was important to lay it all out in the book because we all may know someone struggling with the weight of shame. The very thing that made her feel less than worthy she releases to anyone willing to read what it would take for her to go through her healing journey. In this book, you will feel validated, visible, and vulnerable.

About the author:
Markeisa Tassy M.S. is a mother to a teenage son and native of Delray Beach, FL. She’s an author, transformation coach, and speaker. Markeisa advocates for sexually abused survivors, mental health, and physical health. Through her transparency with her own personal story, she’s been able to build a safe place with a community of people that feel they are not alone in their self-discovery/healing journey. As a transformation coach Markeisa Taasy helps others find encouragement to embrace their potential so they can live their best lives possible. Markeisa holds a BA in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Community Psychology from Florida A&M University. You can find out more information about Markeisa by visiting her website at


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