Book Signing: Harriet Hunter with Miracles of Recovery

Book Signing: Harriet Hunter with Miracles of Recovery

Stop by Midtown Reader and get your copy of Miracles of Recovery signed by author Harriet Hunter!

Start Date

Jan. 28, 2023


03:00 pm


Midtown Reader
1123 Thomasville Road
Tallahassee FL 32303
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About the book:In 365-daily inspirational readings, Miracles of Recovery opens our eyes to a personal spiritual journey that each of us are on, one small step at a time. In this intimate and honest book, Harriet shares lessons learned from her own experience of pain and degradation caused by the disease of addiction. Through the language of the heart, Harriet encourages awareness in the reader to look for and find their own miracles that manifest when we live our lives clean and sober.

About the author:Harriet Hunter (Harrer) is the Best Selling author of the much sought-after Award winning, “Miracles of Recovery,” an impassioned 365-daily inspiration for people in and around recovery along with several companion books on deep core issues. Miracles of Recovery delivers a powerful mix of hope and practical suggestions for those who want help, regardless of their addiction, faith, or belief. Harriet is the creator of, “Journaling With a Purpose,” a six module curriculum designed to encourage recipients to reach a deeper and more personal understanding of our higher self through gentle explorations inward using the power of journaling.

As a constant speaker and facilitator since 04/20 at, Harriet brings Miracles to life each Sunday at 2:00 p.m. She has been interviewed several times, and featured on podcasts such as, The AuthorsShow, Dismantled Life, The Addicted Mind, and many others. Harriet has been seen by FOX, NBC and Finance and is a published writer for Medium/ Most recently, Harriet was approached personally for a podcast by Rob Weiss, CEO of Since 2013, and until COVID, Harriet was lead weekly facilitator of A.A. in Gadsden Womens’ Correctional Facility (prison) in Gretna, Florida. In her spare time, Harriet is engaged in a memoir, has pileted a six week of modules entitled, “Journaling with a Purpose.” Otherwise, she can be found in her kitchen, at the gym, doing Step work and/or traveling.


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