Black God, White Devil

Black God, White Devil

After killing his employer when said employer tries to cheat him out of his payment, a man becomes an outlaw and starts following a self-proclaimed saint.

Start Date

Jan. 19, 2024

End Date

Jan. 21, 2024


07:00 pm


All Saints Cinema
918-1/2 Railroad Ave.
Tallahassee FL 32310
(850) 386-4404
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During yet another drought-blighted year in the sertão, the arid hinterland of the north-east Brazil, ranch hand Manoel kills his boss after a dispute over money. Manoel and his wife Rosa flee, but instead of finding freedom and happiness, or at least expiation, the pair fall prey in succession to the whims of a black preacher who operates far outside the orbit of the Catholic Church.


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