Discover Tallahassee: A Traveler's Guide to Florida's Capital

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Tallahassee is often overlooked as a vacation destination since Florida has many must-see attractions. The truth is, this historic Capital City is home to a vibrant arts and culinary scene, endless sightseeing destinations, thousands of acres of breathtaking natural beauty, and a vibrant nightlife that can satisfy any social butterfly.

If you’re curious about what to do in Tallahassee, Florida, keep reading to learn about a few unique experiences you won’t find anywhere else.

Things to Do in Tallahassee

Florida’s Capital City welcomes everyone to explore what makes our area so special. Whether you’re an outdoorsy spirit, a history buff, or a foodie, there’s something for everyone in Tallahassee.


The natural beauty of Tallahassee cannot be overstated. With over 700 miles of trails and waterways to explore, it’s impossible to highlight only a few. If you’re a nature lover, you definitely won’t want to miss these gems on your trip to Tallahassee.

Explore the Tallahassee St. Marks Historic Railroad State Trail

Once the site of an important shipping railway, the St. Marks Historic Railroad State Trail is now a paved trail that leads visitors from the Florida Capital to the beautiful coastal city of St. Marks. Whether you bike, jog, or walk, this 20.5-mile trail is a great way to experience the natural beauty that fills Tallahassee.

Stroll Through Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park

Pack a picnic and head to Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park for a serene escape unlike any other. A short stroll through the gardens leads you through breathtaking floral architecture and other natural wonders. For a fun challenge, try to find the secret garden. You won’t regret it.

Cruise Down Ziplines at the Tallahassee Museum

The Tallahassee Museum has over 52 acres of engaging exhibits, historic buildings, and wildlife to explore. What makes this museum stand out from the rest is its tree-top zipline adventure that lets you take in the museum from a unique perspective.

Arts & Culture

Tallahassee is brimming with arts and culture just waiting to be explored.

Get Inspired at the Railroad Square Art District

If you’re a creative spirit, you’ll feel at home at the Railroad Square Art District. This 10-acre space is bursting with color, vitality, and creativity and is home to over 70 shops, galleries, and small businesses.

Explore Culture at John G. Riley Center/ Museum of African American History & Culture

Nestled at the bottom of a hill in downtown Tallahassee sits the John G. Riley House & Museum. This historic home symbolizes African American leadership in Tallahassee and aims to educate visitors on the often forgotten African American activists, educators, inventors, and pioneers who helped shape modern life as we know it.


Tallahassee is steeped in natural history dating back millions of years. This historical Capital City’s heritage is still crucial to this day.

Learn About Florida’s History at the Florida State Capitol

Get a firsthand look at the legislative process and history at the Florida State Capitol. Self-guided tours are available Monday through Friday.

The State Capitol is close to several other tourist destinations and Tallahassee hotels. You can embark on a day of fun and exploration without going more than a few minutes from your hotel.

Dive into the Past at the Museum of Florida History

History buffs, rejoice! The Museum of Florida History has in-depth and informative exhibits about every stage in Florida’s history. From its inception as a Spanish colony to its roots in the Civil War and beyond, this museum chronicles the long history of Florida in an engaging manner.

Tallahassee Restaurants

You can find cuisines from all over the world in Tallahassee, Florida. No matter what you’re craving, Tallahassee’s got it. Whether you want something quick and easy or a five-star experience, there’s no shortage of delectable flavors to satisfy your tastebuds.

Tallahassee also has a lively craft beer scene, with several local breweries offering small-batch masterpieces you can’t find anywhere else.

Upcoming Events in Tallahassee

From family-friendly festivals to art performances, parades, and craft beer festivals, there’s always something going on in Tallahassee. Look for upcoming events here to stay in the loop and help plan your next trip.

With so much to do, any time of year is the right time to come check out all that Tallahassee offers.


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