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Spotlight on George Clinton, T-Pain & DJ Demp

Tallahassee is home to many musicians including George Clinton who is known for unique music style blending Funk and Afrofuturism. In 2024, Clinton was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contributions in the Recording category. Having resided in Tallahassee since 1994, Clinton continues to keep the funk alive.


Born and raised in Tallahassee, T-Pain was introduced to music and artistry at an early age. By the age of 10, after a family member introduced him to music production, T-Pain turned his bedroom into a music studio and began creating and producing his own work. He rose to fame as a solo artist and is most widely known for introducing auto-tune to the music industry being first to make it an essential element to his style and sound.

T-Pain continues to connect with his Tallahassee roots and is a proud supporter of the Tallahassee Soccer Club – the Battle Lions, by donating funds to cover travel expenses so the team could compete in their first-ever trip to the playoffs. He is also known for fueling up at Lindy’s Fried Chicken every time he is in Tallahassee.

DJ Demp

Live Music Venues

The House of Music (HOM) is a full-service restaurant, karaoke bar, and multi-genre live music venue. Great food, great music, and a safe, welcoming environment. The bar offers a full liquor selection featuring specialty cocktails and craft beers and wine and the restaurant features fine and casual cuisine.

Junction at Monroe

The Blue Tavern


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