Black Artistry in the Capital City

By Visit Tallahassee

Celebrating culture and the arts is at the heart of what makes Tallahassee special. Black artists shape the culture and beauty of Tallahassee through their expressions, which are captured in a variety of events and exhibitions ready to be experienced.

Black on Black Rhyme

Black on Black Rhyme is the heartbeat of the spoken word community in Tallahassee. Every week poets, spoken word performers, and artists come together to share their craft at Nefetari’s located near Railroad Square. The group was created nearly 20 years ago to build a community where poets could come together and share their work with other artists. In addition to poets, the organization is open to comedians, singers, and rappers.

Together they host one of the longest running poetry open mic nights in the country. In addition to open mics, Black on Black Rhyme produces a variety of signature events throughout the year. Previous events include “for colored girls”, “Slammin Against Violence”, and “Resolution in Rhyme.” These signature events are a celebration of artistry in its purest form.  For details on upcoming performances, visit their Facebook page for more information.


Art in Action

For years, painters and visual artists have used Tallahassee as their canvas through highly visual murals and exhibits, bringing life to downtown, Railroad Square and the southside. Black artists use the backdrop of the city to celebrate the past and visualize the future. One notable artist Pamela “Kabuya” Bowens-Saffo put her art into action with a mural on Adams Street titled “Fabric of Life: Historical Covers.” The mural is a celebration of former slave and folk artist Harriet Powers and African American graphic artist Elizabeth Catlett. Her work routinely pays homage to the past and is just one piece featured on Tallahassee’s southside celebrating the black history. The Anderson Brickler Gallery where Bowens-Saffo serves as chief curator is a space dedicated to celebrating visual arts from across generations. The gallery, located across from Florida A&M’s campus, includes works from modern, post-war, and contemporary artists, with a focus on artists of the African Diaspora. Works are often displayed on their Instagram, with more information about upcoming events and exhibits on their website. Art at the Anderson Brickler Gallery brings history and culture into action one piece at a time.


Black artistry shapes culture and the arts in Tallahassee for locals and visitors alike. Experience the Capital City come alive with the poetry, visual arts, and music created by the many black artists that call Tallahassee home.


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