Inside the Artist's Studio

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Take a look behind the scenes of Tallahassee artists.

Catch a glimpse into artists’ studios as they share images of their work-spaces, tools, and supplies that inspire them. Showcasing artist studios of all disciplines, these features give us a look into the creative process that shapes each artist’s artworks, music, and performance.


Debbie and Randy Brienen    

Behind the Scenes with COCA: Artist Studio of Randy Brienen and Debby Brienen. Randy and Debby (Brienenart) are a husband and wife art team working out of their home studio in Tallahassee, FL. Following social distancing guidelines, they recently held a front lawn art exhibit in their neighborhood. It was so enthusiastically received that they are planning to repeat at least once a quarter. Their art appears in several venues throughout the Big Bend area. See their feature here.

Kent Putnam 

Behind the Scenes with COCA: Artist Studio of Kent Putnam. Kent is retired from a legal career and now devotes his time and efforts to photography. His favorite subjects include landscapes, architecture, macro images, and interesting patterns of light and shadow. See Kent’s feature here.


Jim Russell  

Behind the Scenes with COCA: Artist Studio of Jim Russell Art. Jim is now immersed in painting works inspired by his emotional and experiential drives. Jim says he loves to paint everything but especially enjoys paintings heavy in emotional symbolism. See Jim’s feature here.


Natalia Andreeva    

Behind the Scenes with COCA: Artist Studio of Natalia Andreeva. Natalia is an artist from Novosibirsk, Siberia. During her classical education in the canons of European art, she was greatly influenced by eastern philosophy. See Natalia’s feature here.




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